Pipeline Tie-in and Repair

4C Solutions delivers tailor-made systems to suit the specific need of our customers, whether they be based on manned or unmanned intervention or required for small diameter to 48” pipelines. 4C Solutions personnel have worked with pipeline Tie-in and Repair since the 1980s. Our track record with pipeline repair and tie-in equipment was, until 2016, mainly related to design and build of the pipeline repair system (PRS) developed for nearly 15000 kms of North Sea and North European pipelines. 

More recently, 4C Solutions has delivered diver-based pipeline repair equipment to the Middle East and a unique and innovative diver-less repair system to China for repair of multiple dimensions of subsea pipelines in the South China Sea in water depths down to 2000 meters. We have developed our own diver-less tie-in and repair systems for both flexible and steel pipe based on remote bolting of standard flanges and, as well as our own designs, have excellent knowledge of the tie-in systems used by other suppliers.

  • Hyperbaric Welding
  • Bolted Flanges and Connectors
  • Pipeline Handling Equipment
  • Flexible Pull-in and Connection